Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I’m not sure what you really think about Valentine’s Day. Some people fret for several weeks in advance and fuss about the perfect gift, or how they would surprise their loved one or think about the best way to spend that special day. And there are those in the other camp who would ask you, “Valentine what?” But for someone’s who’s been in the business of getting two people together, it sure is a special day. Not because of all the frenzy around it, but because it presents itself as a day to commemorate your love for each other.

Couples who have been married for several years will vouch for time having a sandpaper effect on love…wearing it away with time. And for such people, a day like this becomes an occasion to renew their vows of love. And for those still pink-fresh with love, a gentle reminder -- things do not always stay hunky-dory. No, I am not throwing a dampener on your rosy life, but just hinting at the reality. And if and when you find yourselves in the throes of the sandpaper effect, just come back to read this post.

Here are 5 wonderful ways to cherish your relationship this Valentine’s Day.

Talk & listen. In our busy schedules, we generally tend to forget the basic tenet of a relationship. Open communication. So, starting this Valentine’s Day, make it a point to carve out 30 minutes from your day, to talk. It could be in the early morning, before the world wakes up, or a quick lunch-time talk, or maybe when the world has retired to bed. But mark it in your calendar. And yes, talk and listen.

That special feeling. Once in a couple of weeks, surprise your partner by making her / him feel special. Take her out to a play or a concert. Cook him his favourite dish. Buy her flowers. Buy him tickets to his favourite holiday destination. Get that special feeling back in your lives. There’s time, you could still come up with something for this Valentine’s Day!

Down memory lane. If the sandpaper has already worn your love-life thin, maybe this Valentine’s Day, over a quiet dinner under some candle lights, you could take out the sepia-tinted album and relive your ‘love days’. When your heart used to skip a beat seeing him across a crowded room. When you would wait in anticipation after class. Or the first time you held hands nervously. Getting back fond memories could kindle new ones. You never know! So get to the attic and bring down those memories!

Doing it together. Ok, being married doesn’t mean you’ve to do everything together. But some times it does. It’s great to bond over a common interest. Pottery maybe? Or dance? Or visiting places? Or reading books? Find a common interest and decide to pursue it together diligently. You will cherish the time spent together. Start a joint hobby this Valentine’s Day!

Say I love you. That’s what Valentine’s Day is for, stupid. Then, do it. And don’t stop saying it once the day is over. Make it a point to say these special words to your spouse every day.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! We would love to hear from you about how you spent your Valentine’s Day. So, stop by this page and tell us your V Day experience!