Sunday, February 10, 2013

Get Physical!

Not sex, silly! What I mean is get physical by doing an activity
that’s physically demanding! But do it together. Run, swim, hike,
bike, climb, skate, play badminton, gym, dance… Anything that makes
your heart beat race, exhausts you, aches your muscles, but in the end
satisfies you. I know of a few couples who do the Nike run training
together,  do yoga, or make sure they go hiking every few weeks. And
let me tell you, they have great fun doing it together!

Such activities bring you and your spouse closer in more ways that you
can imagine. You understand each other’s body limits and become more
supportive, encouraging and caring; you’re doing an activity that is
different from your normal routine, which helps you bond because it’s
fun and adventurous; because you’re both going through physically
challenging experiences you bond at a different level, this helps you
respect each other’s physicality too; you’ll understand your spouse’s
sportsman spirit. In game of badminton or tennis, you’ll learn to lose
gracefully or encourage each other. But above all, you’ll have fun!
It’s great fun to race your spouse whether on a track or in the pool,
it brings back fond memories of school and college days, only now
you’re not competing with friends but with your partner!

Sport has a unique and unifying element! It brings people from all
regions, races and color together. It speaks a language that everyone
can understand. And it can do wonders for relationship too! It’s fun,
it’ll help you come closer to your spouse and boost your health!

So, go get physical! Go run, dance, sail, skate, play, swim, bike, hike...

Have you and your spouse indulged in physical activities together?
Share your experience with us!