Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Cultivate Chastity in your relationship

Threesomes. Couple swapping.  Sex romps. We live in a highly
sexualized world, and are constantly bombarded with sexual content and
sexual innuendos. So much so, that we think chastity is boring, old
fashioned; it’s for old people. You’re not considered ‘in’ or ‘mod’ if
you think chastity is important in today’s world and for today’s

But, you’ll be surprised to know, it is. Maybe chastity had a big role
to play in marriages of the previous generation, which lasted a full
life time. Maybe the lack of it has a big part to play in today’s
failing marriages.

 So, where does chastity stand today and how can it help relationships?

Sex plays a big part in marriage, and when it is coupled with
chastity, it becomes even more special. Sex then becomes an intimate
part of us that is reserved only for us, making it that much more
special. It brings in more attractiveness because it’s exclusive for
us; it brings in more intimacy because it’s something truly special.
It’s is not a power play anymore, it’s not a manipulative game; it’s
not a self-centered activity. On the other hand, it is liberated and
it brings in togetherness and creates an extraordinary bond of
friendship, companionship and mutual respect.

When our sexual thoughts and desires are fixed only on our spouse, we
naturally disregard any sexual thoughts that emanate from others, and
this strengthens our bond. If we let chastity guide us in other parts
our lives including the people we socialize with, the movies and TV
programs that we choose to watch, the books that we decide to read,
you’ll notice how it all plays a beautiful part in a more purposeful
life that is centered around creating fulfilling relationships, with
our spouse and children and the community at large.

When we begin to practice chastity, it beings to extend and touch upon
all aspects of our relationship and life. We begin to respect and
connect with our spouse at a deeper level, we react more calmly, we
can empathize with our spouse and trust becomes a strong and
unshakable part of our relationship.

If you thought chastity was passé, think again. Cultivate it in your
life and you’ll see the difference it makes to your relationship and
to your life overall.