Monday, November 19, 2012

Are you losing your friends after marriage?

Do you find yourself losing some of your friends or friends circle
after marriage? You’re not alone. Remember the Friends’ episode where
Monica and Chandler want to hang out with married couples, rather than
Phoebe and Joey? Or take the latest rumour of Jessica Biel and Justin
Timberlake, who might be having trouble already, having married hardly
a few weeks, because she wants him to cut ties with his hard-partying
friends. Sounds familiar? It’s not uncommon.

The first few weeks after marriage can be overwhelming, even if you’ve
lived-in with your partner before getting married. Suddenly you’re
dealing with whole new situations, relatives and routines. All the
while coping with your regular job and the sudden increase in chores,
etc. And more importantly dealing with the harsh reality that marriage
is not always a bed of roses. So, it’s quite natural that you don’t
have time for your friends. Yes, the same ones who you would drop
everything for, in their times of need, suddenly get relegated to the
back with a, “Oh, they’ll understand. They’re my friends after all.”
In fact, they don’t. And the rifts start right there. They’re coping
with the gap in their lives too, knowing that things will never be the
same again, while you’re coping with that and a lot more!

Change is not always easy, unfortunately it is inevitable, especially
after marriage, but it can be softened around the edges if you take
some measures beforehand.

Before the big day, talk to your close friends, and discuss how things
will not be the same again. Also tell them that it’s likely that
you’ll choose your spouse over them, in situations. Empathize with
them and tell them that you consider the friendship really important
and that you are keen to make it work. Also have a frank and open chat
with your spouse and tell him / her how important your friends are to
you and that you’re keen to keep something of if, even after the
marriage. Here are a few more tips:

•       Make a schedule to meet-up with your friends regularly. Stay true to
it. Mark it on your calendar.
•       Take  regular trips with your friends.
•       Be open and frank with your friends and spouse. If things are not
going well, bring out in the open. Talk it out, don’t let it fester.
•       If your friends are not in the same town, stay in touch through
emails or Facebook and phone calls. Make a schedule to chat up every
once in a while.

Would you like to add to these tips? What measures have you taken to
keep your friendship going, after your marriage? Share your
experiences with us.