Sunday, July 29, 2012

Spending time together was never this fun!

The days of fancy dinners, or maybe awkward first kisses, popping of a
champagne bottle to impress or sharing two straws over a milk-shake
might seem like faded memories. Because you’ve got ‘more important’
things to do now. Like a job, tending to kids and the never-ending
household chores. We live in a busy world after all and the dreamy
lover days, the first heart-thumping touches and exciting nights have
been replaced. Not that they have become less important, but that we
have other ‘more important’ stuff to do.

It’s ironic how our ‘more important’ stuff has changed. As lovers that
seemed the ‘most important’ thing to do. Didn’t it? But as days went
by the ‘most important’ person in our life got replaced. Sad, isn’t

It’s not about how much money you spend on your spouse, but the time.
And time is never really enough, so I would say perhaps not even time,
but intention. After all it takes merely a few seconds to give a quick
peck on the cheek before you leave the house. A hug doesn’t take long
either, nor does a quick mid-day phone to say “Hey, how’s it going.
I’m thinking of you!” Yes, it’s only the intention that counts. You’ll
be amazed to know that you don’t really need all that much time to
show how much you care. You’ll be amazed to know how much punch you
can pack into half-an- hour or one hour! Get a weekly hobby-class together. 

You’ll re-discover each other, spend some good times and learn something new in the process!

   Here are some quick ideas:

  •    Give each other a 20 mins massage. And who knows what that’ll lead to ;-)
  •    Skip the monthly fancy-restaurant ritual and head for a quick bite at a late night cafe. Nothing like some chit-chat about good old times.
  •  Join a gym or a yoga-class together. Working out together can be really fun!
  •    Sit at a park bench and enjoy the weather and watch people go by.
  •     Get your car or bike out and go out for a short late night spin.
  • Being under the stars can work up some magic. Or maybe even take the day off and head out for a quick picnic.
  •     Do some spring-cleaning together. Chancing upon old photographs and other items can get you talking about your dating days.
  •       And I would say the most important thing is to ‘touch’ each other every day. Make hugging a routine before you leave the house and when you get back. Or perhaps when you wake up in the morning or the last thing before you drop off to sleep. Tell each other ‘I love you’ everyday.

Have any more ideas? Would love to hear them!