Sunday, January 16, 2011

'LOL’ in your Marriage

‘My partner should have a sense of humor’ – how many times have you heard or read this line when friends or people list out what they are looking for in a partner? Many, if not most times is my guess. Maybe it’s something that you too have been secretly looking for, perhaps without expressing it consciously.

Ever wondered why?

Because deep down we are seekers of happiness…and laughter. And we tend to look for that kind of quality in our partners too. Even if we sometimes appear as a rather ‘serious’ person to others, the one quietly laughing at jokes rather than cracking them, we crave for that light moment, or someone to create it.

In my experience, marriages that have lightness and laughter are the ones that tend to last. The just-quarreled couple who can crack up when in anger a partner realizes that he is reading the newspaper upside down, or a partner who bangs her head at the door while storming out after a spat. Or laugh hard when the baby passes wind while you’re powdering her, despite the many sleepless nights. Or burst out loud when in the middle of a tender moment late at night, a nosy neighbor knocks at your door for a cup of sugar!

Many times we tend to get ‘serious’ after marriage and even more after kids, because of the so-called responsibilities that suddenly find their way into our lives. But deep down we are yet craving for our care-free selves and the many laughter-filled days. And that’s what we tend to look for in a partner, someone to lighten the sometimes tedious journey. You may be the one cracking the jokes or you may be the one who sits at the ringside and laughs, either way, both of you are looking for that one thing – humor.

Yes, marriage like most of life is filled with joyous times and difficult ones, but if couples can find that lighter moment in the darkest of times (and you’ll see you’ll find it easier, when you work at it as partners), then you are likely to find the source of strength that can carry you through. So next time you have a spat, bring in humor and see what a healthy change it can make!

Share you lighter and funny moments with us!

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  1. This is very true, infact i have made it a point from the day1 i got married, that i will be the one who will break the fight, doesnt matter who started it. have to kill some ego to do this, but we can practice. & Humor surely works ! but sometimes my wife says i dont take things seriously. :)

    If any pointers to develop sensor humor will be great